Graphite Antivibration Cable Mounts

  • Cable Accessories

    The support in question is designed to minimise the vibrations that are naturally channelled towards the signal or power cables of any HI-END system. It is a stand made entirely of 100% graphite, with a diameter of 30mm, height of 45mm and weight of 54gr.

    On the top of the holder, there is a groove that can accommodate any cable with a maximum diameter of 18mm. The above, is sold in a 3-piece kit. This means that two can be placed on the side of the cable and one in the middle. Please note that no material of any kind, such as spacers, felt, etc., must be placed between the base of the support and the support surface, as normal operation is not guaranteed. The anti-vibration mount made of graphite for cables does nothing more than transform vibrations into heat. You will instantly notice a change in the image and dynamics of the sound.

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