Silver Eptalitz – Graphite Shielding

  • Signal Cables

    The signal cable offered by apogeeLAB is constructed entirely by hand, adding a graphite shield along the entire length of the cable. The RCA connectors are soldered with 2% silver tin. EPTALITZ technology, involves a well-defined number of cables with a cross-section of 0.3mm^2, for each hot and cold pole or branch of the RCA connector. The detailed sound, instantly reveals an improvement in dynamics, good soundstaging. There will be no lack of new listening details, for a truly impactful cable. The cable length varies from 1.50m to 1.60m.

    Each cable made of silver will always be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity of the material, 925 SILVER. The material of the cable and its manufacture are 100% ITALIAN.

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