30+30W Pure Class A Amplifier

  • 30+30W Pure Class A Amplifier

    apogeeLAB has designed and built a pure class A amplifier with a power output of 30W per channel. Weighing approximately 28Kg and measuring 170mm(H) x 440mm(W) x 300mm(D), it has a capacitive battery of 120,000uF per channel, a precision-engineered POWER SYSTEM, controlled by a uController and a SOFT START control board per channel. Some important features are listed below:

    • Output power: 30W @ 8 ohms, 60W @ 4 ohms
    • Distortion @ 1KHz 1%: 0.003% @ 8 ohms
    • Input impedance: 18 Kohm on RCA input, 10Kohm on balanced XLR input
    • Output noise: <300uV
    • Dynamic range: 140dB
    • Gain: 20dB
    • Input signals: RCA or XLR balanced input

    The SOFT START control boards, one per channel, feature first-class components. After approximately 2.5 seconds, the time it takes to adequately charge the 120,000uF capacitive battery, a relay closes the circuit to give full power to the system. The drop resistors used before the relay closes are of the metal oxide type, the best on the high voltage supply in the audio field. The precision ACCENT SYSTEM, controlled by uController, can control a load with a voltage of 240Vac and a maximum current of 10A, by means of a low-voltage, low-current pushbutton, all completely ISOLATED from the domestic power supply. Therefore, an aluminium pulsed switch with a red circular LED status indicator was chosen, very attractive on the black anodised aluminium front, with a thickness of 10mm Internal wiring, is carried out with quality OFC pure copper cables. At the customer’s discretion and request, the amplifier can in any case be wired with any other type of cable, such as Van Den Hul, Cardas, etc.

    The amplifier has excellent, well-controlled dynamics, well-defined and centred soundstage. Clean high and mid-high range with adequate definition. Quality and price make this device a good compromise for those who want to make a quality leap for their HI-END system.

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