Strobo TurnTable

  • Strobo TurnTable

    apogeeLAB has created a small portable device capable of generating a light signal at a precise frequency, with a margin of error of less than 0.02%. It is a high precision, quartz-controlled stroboscope with a stable frequency at 60Hz.

    • Easy to use
    • Precision controlled by quartz oscillator
    • Battery powered
    • Low Consumption

    Many turntables still use synchronous motors that use the mains frequency to obtain the rotation speed. When using a conventional stroboscope to control the speed of these turntables there is a problem: if the mains frequency is low the turntable platter rotation will be slow.
    Even incandescent light or old neon tubes with reactor, used to illuminate the strobe disc, have a low frequency, resulting in an incorrect speed with an incorrect reading. Variations in mains frequency are very common.
    If the turntable uses a synchronous motor, its speed will vary along with the mains frequency, so the result will never be accurate. It is absolutely necessary to use an independent light source with quartz-controlled frequency, also because with modern low-power lighting controlled by modern electronic ballasts, we no longer have the appropriate mains frequency.
    The Turntable Quartzed 50Hz does not rely at all on the home mains frequency like other stroboscopes, but is generated internally with a quartz-controlled oscillator, therefore of very high precision. With the Turntable Quartzed 50Hz you can check the reading speed in a few seconds and, no analog setup can be really complete without this essential accessory.
    After inserting the record on the platter and starting the turntable, simply light the turntable with the Turntable Quartzed 60Hz by checking the band oscillation relative to the speed of interest (50Hz band). If the lines move in the clockwise direction, the turntable rotates too fast, or vice versa. This stroboscope allows you to check the following speeds: 33.33, and 45, 70.59, rpm. The stroboscope is supplied working complete with batteries and stroboscope disc.

    You can download, a datasheet of the device.

    Datasheet Strobo Turntable 60Hz


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