Power cables

apogeeLAB, researches and develops totally handmade, 100% made in Italy power cables. Below, some of these are described.

  • Power supply cable with SILVER conductors and graphite insulation

    With a section strictly suitable to withstand high currents, up to 20 Amps, they are wired with high quality 3-pin cable plugs and IEC cable connectors, 3-pin. Attention, for each single conductor (Phase, Earth and Neutral), there is no trace of copper braided together with silver. It is solid silver, drawn with adequate section, mixed with other noble metals to ensure adequate bending. This is to avoid the classic undesired effect that silver can give to a Hi-Fi system. In order to avoid that the listening audio “dries up”, the compound in question solves the above mentioned problems. The cables are supplied with a length of 1.5 meters. On request, a certificate of authenticity of the precious metal is possible. It is not possible, however, to have cable lengths longer than those described. The cable is built with a BALANCED connection, that is, the signal is routed by the same conductor (in this case 3 conductors, Phase, Earth, Neutral). The whole is wrapped in a graphite shield, which in turn is connected on the source side, i.e. on the ground, plug side of the cable.


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