IC Module

apogeeLAB, has created a special configuration with two AD825 on a small PCB to replace the classic low signal output stages such as CD PLAYER, DAC, USB DAC etc. etc.
Thanks to its special features, the AD825 offers an operational amplifier with low noise and distortion, high speed up to 41 MHz and a wide dual power supply range from +-/5vdc to +-/15Vdc.

There are two versions of these IC modules, V1.0 and V2.0.

Basically, both operate in the same way, having the same pin to pin outputs, as in the standard in use. What actually changes is the layout. In version V1.0, mounting is done in the VERTICAL direction, while in version V2.0, mounting is done in the HORIZONTAL direction. All this has been designed to make it easier to mount directly on the PCB of the electronics to be up-graded and to improve their mounting, so that the IC module itself does not conflict mechanically (or significantly reduce it) with the electronic components nearby.

The added value of the device to be up-graded is the rediscovery of musical dynamics and details never heard before, with the shifting of the music scene in the geometric center of the two speakers.
At an extremely low cost and accessible to all, it is definitely worth choosing this type of up-grade. Available for download, there are both V1.0 and V2.0 datasheet, and an original ANALOG DEVICES datasheet of the AD825.



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